University of California Natural Reserve System

history & archive project


Thanks so much to all of those who have contributed to or supported the UC NRS History & Archive Project!


Institutional supporters:

     National Science Foundation

     Mellon Foundation

     University of California Office of the President

     UCSB College of Letters & Science

     UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center

     UCSB Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research

​     UCSB Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration


Project team members:

     Kevin Brown, ISEECI Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-present

     Tim Paulson, Graduate Assistant, 2012-16

     Andrew Esch, Graduate Assistant, 2012-15

​     Laurie Hannah, Project Archivist, 2011-14

     Olivia Herr, Undergraduate Assistant, 2011-12

     Marissa Lopez, Undergraduate Assistant, 2012-13



     Design by Monica Pessino, UCSB Marine Science Institute​

     Hosting and support by Jim Woods, UCSB Marine Science Institute

     Landscape photographs by Christopher Woodcock 

          Home page: Angelo Coast Range Reserve

          About page: Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

          Guide page: Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve

          Research page: White Mountain Research Center

          Credits page: Scripps Coastal Reserve

          Contact page: Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center 

     Photographs of historical documents and other materials by Tim Paulson and Andrew Esch