University of California Natural Reserve System

history & archive project


Areas of Interest

The historical materials on this site are available for use, with permission, by students and scholars in any field. We hope that by raising awareness of these materials, assisting in their preservation, and promoting strategic planning for the acquisition of additional materials, this site will support and help catalyze innovative teaching and research.

As for the UC Natural Reserve System History and Archive Project, we seek to use these materials to advance historical scholarship in the following four areas:

     (1) the role of field stations in shaping environmental science, policy, and management

     (2) the environmental histories of the UC reserves and their surrounding landscapes

     (3) the history of ideas about environmental change

     (4) the ecological effects of climate change in California

In this last area, we are working with a team of colleagues—including students, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty from around the UC system—through the Institute for the Study of the Ecological and Evolutionary Climate Impacts.



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