University of California Natural Reserve System

history & archive project

Northern California Coast Range Preserve (NCCRP)

Collection of family albums containing photos taken by the Angelo family and others. The collection is not limited to the Angelo Reserve site, but does include pictures of the Angelo property and surrounding area. Many are of the...View Record

Diverse collection of administrative, operational, and historical records related to the Northern California Coast Range Preserve (NCCRP) and Angelo Coast Range Reserve.

Collection consists of: (1) maps, including property and vegetation maps of the reserve...View Record

This collection contains permanent records for the Angelo Coast Range Reserve, 1983-2002. Bound materials include theses, dissertations, management plans, species lists, and materials pertaining to a National Science Foundation (NSF) workshop for the NRS in 2003. Documents include information on...View Record

This collection consists of large format paper files, including reserve maps (ownership, vegetation), prints of aerial photographs, annotated vegetation maps created by researchers, artwork for reserve publications, USGS topographic maps, and rainfall and temperature data...View Record

This collection contains materials pertaining to old-growth forest research and monitoring, including original data from vegetation surveys. The collection also includes copies of management plans developed for the Northern California Coast Range Preserve (NCCRP) from 1963, 1978, and 1982.View Record

This collection includes administrative files created at the reserve level and pertaining to the Angelo Coast Range Reserve and The Nature Conservancy's Northern California Coast Range Preserve, the name of the reserve site before it joined the...View Record

This collection includes consists of records from youth camp activities at the Northern California Coast Range Preserve operated by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), as well as data collected at the Preserve by anonymous researchers, most...View Record