University of California Natural Reserve System

history & archive project

Large Format Documents and Images

This collection consists of assorted historical materials from UCI NRS activities. It is broken down into four series based on location.

The first series consists of materials in Storage Room 030. Contents include: (1) records and data from...View Record

This collection consists of historical documents for the UCSB NRS campus office and reserves, including Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, Coal Oil Point Reserve, Kenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino Reserve, Santa Cruz Island Reserve, Sedgwick Reserve,...View Record

This collection consists of large format documents for all the UCSD NRS reserves. It mostly contains maps covering the reserves, surrounding areas, and nearby developments. Many of these materials are published and publicly available, but...View Record

This collection consists of large format documents related to UC Santa Cruz and the NRS sites under its administration, including maps, architectural drawings, aerial photographs, illustrations, project boards, and other items. Much of this collection...View Record

This collection consists of data and  research documents related to elephant seals at the Año Nuevo Island Reserve (ANI). Much of the original data has been entered into digital databases and is available to researchers...View Record

This collection, assembled and indexed by Daniel Pritchett, consists of historical materials for the White Mountain Research Center (formerly White Mountain Research Station). White Mountain differs from the other UC reserves in that it long existed...View Record

This collection consists of management and operations files for the Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve (BPR). It includes materials on facilities and equipment, electrical drawings and building plans, permit information, ephemera from the 1973 reserve dedication,...View Record

This collection encompasses the administrative records of the Jack and Marilyn Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center (SGM). Created mostly by former reserve directors Phillipe Cohen and Cindy Stead Cohen, the collection includes the ten...View Record

This collection consists of historical materials pertaining to Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve. It includes three series:

The Pre-Natural Reserve System Materials series includes: (1) materials from or about the donor Ethel Stunt (d....View Record

This collection consists of legal documents related to the ownership and use of what is now the Sedgwick Ranch Reserve, from the 1850s through 2006.

This collection includes four series:

The Administrative Records series includes...View Record